Food & Drink


  • The Festival is trying to head towards a zero waste policy with respect to food and drink served there. We are asking you to please bring your own travel mugs/cups that can clip onto your belt etc and also if you think you will need a plate or cutlery, please bring this too. We don’t want hundreds of plastic cups and knives and forks as well as styrofoam containers being used once and then being thrown away. So we have asked the bars and the food stalls not to serve you cups or throw-away cutlery/plates. Please help us to help the environment by bringing your own and presenting them at the bar when you buy a drink so they can fill your cup. Same for the food stalls with plates and cutlery! Thanks SO much!

    Here are some of the Food & Drink Vendors at the Festival who will be serving you! YUM

Drifter Craft Beer Tent

From those lovely peeps at Drifter beer who joined us for OKMF 2018:

"Nowadays with Google and social media, it's very rare to find a time when you venture somewhere not knowing what to expect. Most of us do a quick search, find reviews and look at photos so that we can pack and gear up accordingly. Although Nick and I did do a small amount of prep, we had no idea what to expect when asked to be involved in the Okavango Delta Music Festival, outside of Maun. This was the first year of the festival and neither of us had been to Botswana before. If we did have any expectations, then they were completely blown out of the water... (which was indeed full of hippos and crocs).

Our first indication that this festival would be uniquely amazing came with the directions to get there, which included that we'd only get through with a 4x4 vehicle and to watch for elephants on the sand road before arriving to the first river crossing. What! Upon arrival to the ticket office, we learned that to get to the island where the festival was we'd need a seriously jacked up bush vehicle or take a mokoro style canoe from the 'shuttle stations.' Thanks to the organisers, our kegs were already on the island so we only needed to deal with the bar that we drove up from Joburg. It takes four people to lift this bar, but after getting it loaded onto a mokoro there was only one guy who paddled it across with incredible balance.

At the moment, there's no craft beer in Maun. Hell, it's hard to even find cold beer on tap. It didn't take long for the little festie bees to discover the Drifter honey pot, and they kept coming back for more and more throughout the weekend. Our stand was right next to the stage so we boogied and poured beer for three days straight, making it an epic and exhausting weekend.

Thanks to Sophie and company for organizing and including us in this amazing festival.
We are already looking forward to coming back next year!"

Drifter is a microbrewery in Cape Town, South Africa offering a selection of creative craft beers like Stranded Coconut Ale and the Stormy Smoked Porter. Led by owner, Nicholas Bush, Drifter is a nautical-themed brewery (named after a legendary boat called Drifter) that started in early 2015. Since then they've grown to stock over 360 outlets in South Africa and are now looking north to supply Botswana!

Wonderbag Community Food Stall

Meet the ladies from the Tsutsubega Community who are making good use of their Wonderbags to serve you hot, delicious food at the Festival.