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Watershed, one of the most successful and well-loved bands ever to come out of South Africa, will be joining us at The Okavango Delta Music Festival from 29th August to 1st September 2019.
This multi-platinum selling band have released 5 studio albums, along with a greatest hits album during their 18 year career, and have received 2 SAMA awards for best pop album. They are also multiple winners of SA's best band award by People Magazine.

Eighteen years after the release of their debut album ‘in the meantime’, Watershed have put together their 6th studio album ‘Harbour'. This South African music success story has had a string of radio singles that way surpasses the years they have been around. 'Indigo girl’, ‘Fine way’ and ‘Letters’ mentioning a few.

The band has toured and had Major success in the big European territories performing alongside some of the biggest names in world music, such as U2, Peter Gabriel, Bob Geldof, The Corrs, The Cranberries.

The musicianship is incredible and the vocals predictably powerful. The song structures are original, and the lyrics are breathtakingly honest. The ballads, true to the form and style of this well-loved band, are meaningful and emotional.

Watershed are proudly brought to The Okavango Delta Music Festival by our kind sponsor: Swamp Stop - Okavango River Camp

Watershed is:
● Craig Hinds – vocals, acoustic guitar, piano
● Howie Combrink – drums, vocals, acoustic guitar, ukulele
● Gideon Botes – electric and acoustic guitars, vocals
● Quintin Askes – bass
● Paul McIver – acoustic guitar, vocals

Having toured both locally and internationally over the years off the back of their smash hits ‘Indigo Girl’ and ‘Letters’ the band have carved an acoustic rock sound that is undeniably Watershed in its uniqueness and crowd pleasing in its boldness. ‘Watch the Rain’, the lyrically intense and groove
filled song off their 5th studio album mesmerized audiences and took them into a space where ending the show is not an option for the band. Watershed throws out hit after hit in their 2-hour performances and never disappoints.

Watch a couple of their videos here…

Watch the Rain

Don’t Give Up


Bongeziwe Mabandla

When Bongeziwe Mabandla surfaced with his debut album in 2012 he was hailed as the new face of Afro-Folk, effortlessly able to entwine Xhosa lyrics with traditional music and folk stylings to create something uniquely captivating. In the five years that have passed since the album 'Umlilo’s release, he’s amplified his already considerable gifts, with tours to Australia, Asia and Canada, appearances at several international and national festivals and an invigorated approach to songwriting that’s adding elements of spirituality and forward-looking creativity to his unique musical mix. The result of all of this is Mabandla’s second album – the first through a new deal with Universal Music, entitled Mangaliso (meaning “marvel” or “miracle”). Mangaliso’s first single was “Ndokhulandela”, a hypnotic song that showcases Mabandla’s meditative, yet powerful, voice—and the album contains many other songs that more than prove that the praise and accolades (including two South African Music Awards nominations) that surrounded Umlilo’s release were deserved. The album’s closing track “Bawo Wam”, for instance, carries with it spirit of the ancient in a song built around a distinctively modern beat-heavy groove and “Khaya” is evidence enough that Mabandla’s guitarwork is amongst the most lyrical South Africa has produced. Mangaliso was produced by Tiago Correia Paulo (Tumi and the Volume; 340ml) who also features, along with Mike Wright (Zebra & Giraffe). “Touring internationally opened my eyes to how popular folk-based music is, and although the music on Mangaliso is more artistically experimental than anything I’ve done before, it remains located in this age-old idiom,” concludes Mabandla. “I am incredibly grateful to be doing what I love, and travelling the world while I do it.”

Sereetsi & The Natives

These guys are so excellent...we are so EXCITED to have them play the Festival in August 2019....cant wait! Gotta love a bit of home-grown talent fresh from Botswana.

Here's some more info on them so swot up....

Sereetsi & the Natives, a refreshing definitive reference in the contemporisation of folk music in Botswana and a unique voice in the World Music arena. The act’s strong songwriting and performance in its debut album, Four String Confessions (April 2015) and its sophomore studio outing, Motoko (April 2018), present a fearless sound that blends traditional Botswana rhythms with Western influences, all built around the signature sound and unique tradition of the Tswana four string folk guitar.

The debut album yielded four Botswana Music Awards in 2016 – Best Single, Best Male Artist, Best Folk Album and Best Newcomer and put Sereetsi & The Natives on big stages with a growing international performance credit, including a stop-over in Chicago, USA, Stockholm, Sweden, Planetta World Music Festival in Gothenburg, Sweden, a showing in Namibia and a historic 10 date tour of South Africa (2016).

The act has already shared the stage with established World Music names like Oliver Mtukudzi, Vusi Mahlasela, Caiphus Semenya, Letta Mbuli and Jonas Gwangwa. The act headlined the Gaborone International Music and Culture Week in August 2016 with US smooth jazz star, Jonathan Butler.

The act has also featured at the Mahika Mahikeng Jazz Festival (2015 & 2016), Kgalagadi Jazz Festival (2016 & 2017) and the Cultural Calabash Fest (2015) all of them in South Africa. This is in addition to a busy festival and corporate gig schedule in Botswana. Among festivals Sereetsi & the Natives has played in Botswana are the Maitisong Arts Festival, Maun International Arts Festival, The Hamptons International Jazz Festival, Mascom Live Sessions and the President’s Concert.

In 2017, Sereetsi collaborated with Zambian star Mumba Yachi and South African bassist and singer AusTebza in a project called Kgalagadi Soul that has already played festivals in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Gaborone, Durban, Mafikeng and Durban..

Sereetsi is also considered a pioneer on the cultural landscape in Botswana. His 83 page guitar instructional book/CD on his native folk guitar tradition entitled The Solo Four String Guitar of Botswana is a ground breaking first. Through a grant of about P500,000, Sereetsi has embarked on a folk guitar workshop tour covering 15 towns in Botswana. He taught Botswana folk music through an artist residency at Harryda School of the Arts in Gothenburg in 2016. In 2015, he presented a workshop at an international music conference organised by the International Council of Traditional Music (ICTM) at the University of Kwazulu Natal, Durban, South Africa. As part of the Kgalagadi Soul collective, he has presented on his unique four string guitar style at University of Wits School of Music and the Tshwane School of Music.

So Kindly

Growing up listening to a mixed bag of musical influences, So Kindly draws inspiration from a variety of different Eras And Genres.
Shane Williams is the artist and his music style is ever changing - nevertheless a solid backbone of Southern African groove can be heard in His work.
Complimentary to this, So Kindly brings warm instrumentals, intimate folky vocals and sprinkles of electronic subtlety to the stage.

So Kindly provided their fabulous track ‘ Broken Jaw’ as the backdrop to the OKMF promo video…listen here! For this we will be eternally grateful…a firm ‘Friend of the Festival’, we are very lucky to have you back for the 2nd year….


Pearl's unique sound and warm voice is seductive, captivating and intense. With a mixed ethnic background from Botswana in Africa as well as from India and Europe, she has learned to incorporate different cultures and traditions. Something you can feel and hear through her music which is evocative and contains both depth and lightness.
She is the writer of both melodies and lyrics, and though the music she makes is deeply rooted in the rhythm and blues tradition and stems out of black musical roots, she has been able to maintain her own expression and to add to the music her personal touch. In essence, there is a spirituality to her expression, which is quite unique when one considers the down to earth essence in the music genre it is embodied through.

Her songs revolve around themes of love and longing, of male/female relationships, of being a woman, and when listening, you sense how Pearl’s music is founded in her own being and rooted in her own femininity.
Pearl is born in Botswana and she moved to Denmark when she was 14 years old.  She has performed in several places in Europe, including Moscow where she received radio airplay with a song she featured on by Moscow based Trip-hop/Elctro Jazz band VFSixPearl has collaborated with producers and songwriters from different parts of the world.
Her previous Album ‘The Fall and Rise of a Woman’ was recorded in Denmark in collaboration with the Reggae band ReCulture. It is a cross-over project between different musical genres, namely Reggae, Soul, and Pop.
Pearls new Project/Album which will be due in 2017 will have its focus mainly on Soul, Jazz, AfroSoul/beat and AfroJazz. She has recently become part of the Drinkard Music Group, which is founded by family members of the legendary Drinkard and Robinson family members which includes great singers such as Cissy Drinkard now known as Cissy Houston. Pearls Album will be released and mostly produced by the Drinkard Music Group in 2017.

For more info visit:

The Mackay.z

The Mackay.z music incorporates many different genres and expresses the different areas of their lives. They have mixed their musical foundation of vocal
harmonies and acoustic guitar with the high energy of modern electronic elements, and touches of hip hop to create their sound. They like to write songs about different aspects of life from overcoming hardships to family , childhood, love or just taking it easy and having a good time !

The Mackay bothers, Declan and Kyle, have spent the last 3 years doing music full time, playing acoustic guitars and singing around their home country of Zimbabwe and its neighbouring countries, while spending the rest of their time crafting their studio skills. Two years ago they won a heavily contested competition to play on the main stage at internationally recognised festival
Rocking the Daisies, alongside acts such as Mac Miller, Foster the people, Hugh Masekela and many more. This was a major turning point as it not only exposed the brothers to what playing on an international stage feels like, but it also showed them what they needed to work on for their career to be successful!

The Mackay.z have just released their 12 track EP ‘Pick Your Feet Upʼ which is 100% self written, self recorded and self produced in their small home studio. The project is a true representation of where they have been over the last few years, incorporating many different genres and expressing the different areas of their lives ! We canʼt wait to bring these songs to life on stage and
share them with the Okavango!

Goddy & 100% Africa Dance

He looks sooooo serious here, but Goddy is one of the smiliest people you will ever meet! It's Rhumba, rhumba, rhumba all the way with this fun and energetic band from our doorstep in Maun, Botswana. Five of the band members playing live guitars in that wonderful sound that only Africa can produce, with some enthusiastic dancing thrown in to boot!

Flying Bantu

These guys just cant stay away! and we are so thrilled to have them back again to create some more magic on our OK Festival stage.

With their boundless energy and enthusiasm and a whole load of new material to grace us with, its gonna be a show to remember!