Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some HANDY HINTS & TIPS and other information to help you plan your Festival:

  • Do NOT attempt to drive to the festival in any vehicle that is NOT 4×4. There are 2 deep water crossings and some sandy patches. A 4×4 will easily make it through but nothing else.
  • There are thorn trees at the Festival island so bring some shoes or flip flops
  • The community are offering hot showers at the main campsite. There is a donation fee of P10 per shower which you will pay at the time directly to the Tsutsubega community members preparing your hot water and shower for you.
  • There is a great swimming spot complete with a sandy beach umbrellas and a cocktail bar. Make sure you bring your swimming costumes and lilos.
  • There are a variety of cash food stalls and cash bars catering to every taste so make sure you bring some pula cash with you. Plan to spend P250 per day minimum on food and drink.
  • FNB Bank has proudly sponsored the Festival some SWIPING machines so lets hope they work and then you can bring your credit/debit cards with you but just in case the network out in the bush is not great, bring some back up cash too!
  • Ice and drinking water will be on sale throughout the Festival from The Aquarite Theme Camp.
  • The bands and music will generally start around 10am on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and stop by about 2am latest. IF you want to still party on, you can make your way to the Silent Disco and slap on a pair of headphones to keep on jamming whilst others sleep.
  • There will be lots of children at the Festival. They have their own Theme Camp called Camp Botswana who are planning lots and lots of fun activities for them whilst you dance and party away…so don’t leave your kids at home.

What is the Okavango Delta Music Festival?

It is a three-day, music and theme camp experience featuring live music, performance art, visual art, food and more. All ages are welcome.

What happens if it rains?

OK Music Festival is a rain or shine event. However, August is the dry season so there is little chance of rain. It will be hot and sunny during the day and maybe a bit chilly at night so bring the right clothes.

When and where is it held?

When: 31st August – 2nd September
Where: Rockston Island, Tsutsubega, just 25km outside of Maun. We have plenty of shuttle options to get you there so you don’t need a car.

What should I bring to the Festival?

  • Sunscreen
  • Hats
  • Sunglasses
  • Cameras
  • One empty container to for your water refills from the Aquarite Theme Camp
  • Travel mug of your own so you can buy drinks from the bar
  • Plate, knife and fork of your own so you can eat from the food stalls
  • ID to drink alcohol if you look under 18yrs old!
  • Comfortable footwear, flip flops
  • Enough cash to buy food, drinks, ice, souvenirs, pay for activities such as helicopter rides, etc
  • You credit card – our facility may just work in the bush!
  • Inflatable lilos for the swimming spot
  • Mosquito spray


The following items are prohibited at the festival:

  • Weapons of any kind
  • Dogs or other pets
  • Bicycles, scooters, personal motorized vehicles
  • Fireworks
  • Plastic Drinking straws, styrofoam take-away boxes, plastic cups
  • Plastic and rubbish
  • Amplified PA systems
  • Cars that do not have 4×4
  • Your own private Generators going all night and waking everyone up!


Will there be ATMs?

No – please bring enough cash to see you through the Festival for activities, food and drinks etc. Work on P250 per day if you are a big spender. Bring your debit/credit cards as we may get the swipe machines to work!

What will be available in the food/beer areas?

We will have a diverse variety of food vendors that will please all tastes! Many food vendors will feature vegetarian options.

Will you have merchandise for sale?

Festival t-shirts, caps, festival travel mugs, hats, and many other items will be sold at the main merchandise stand. Artist merchandise will also be available.

How can I apply for press credentials?

Email us with your full info and someone from our team will be in touch soon after.

How can my company become a Sponsor?

If your company would like to be a festival sponsor, please email us with as much info as possible on your company, as well as your contact info, and one of our sponsorship reps will be in touch soon after!

How can I get involved?

You can volunteer – please email us with as much info as possible and we will be in touch soon after!


Not really – get here early!


Yes, a complete location map will be available when you arrive. There are chemical toilets and shared showers if you haven’t booked a VIP or deluxe camp.


No. There is no electricity on the island. Plan for a campsite that does not have power.

Please bring your own power packs, solar chargers, silent generators below 1Kw (not allowed to be run from 10pm till 8am)


All camping is primitive. Chemical toilets, shared shower ablutions (P10 donation to the community) and thats about it!


Upon arrival, check in at The Ticket Office to receive your entry wrist band. Bring your printed tickets and your ID.  From there you will drive across the water to the campsites and the island and be directed by a Camp Staffer to your site.


Campfires and cooking fires are allowed. The Community members will be selling firewood so please support them and buy from them. P10 per bundle. All fires must be attended at all times. Ashes must be disposed of by thoroughly wetting them and burying them. No bonfires allowed.


Generators are allowed, but must be compliant with noise curfew (maximum allowed 1Kw) and shut off between 10pm and 8am


A 12:00 am noise curfew will be enforced in the campgrounds. Please be considerate of your fellow campers. Past 12:00 am, loud music, parties, and anything that disturbs neighbors or other campers is not allowed. Generators must be shut off at 10:00 pm. Security personnel have the authority to ask any person or groups of people who are abusing the noise curfew to leave the grounds without a refund. You don’t have to go down until the sun comes up, but please be courteous of your neighbors!


We allow you to bring just one vehicle onto your campsite, this insures that we keep wait times reasonable to enter the grounds.


We’re sorry but for the safety of your pet and other festival attendees, pets are not allowed. No dogs allowed.


24-hour security will be provided in all camping areas, but please secure your campsite. There are fully trained medical staff at the medic tent for the duration of the Festival. Your ticket price includes medical insurance with Okavango Air Rescue.


All campgrounds and entertainment are in ticketed areas. ALL PERSONS entering the Festival Areas must have the correct festival tickets and wristbands. Wristbands will be provided to ticket holders upon arrival and must be worn at all times. Lost or damaged wristbands will not be replaced.


Can I park my car at my campsite?

Yes you can. You will park your vehicle right at your campsite and camp next to it. Once in the campgrounds, you will not be able to leave with your vehicle and return unless there is an emergency or a medical reason.

Once you are in the campgrounds, you should plan on leaving your vehicle there until the festival is over.

PRICE GUIDE FOR ACTIVITIES SO YOU BRING ENOUGH CASH – the proceeds go to the community:

Hot Shower  = cP10

Firewood = P10 per bundle

Drinking Water = cP10

Ice = cP10 a bag

Alcoholic drink = cP25

Food stalls x 1 meal = P45 – P80

Merchandise, curios, art etc = P100 – P250 depending of course