How? You need your....Festival Passes!

To come to the Okavango Delta Music Festival, you will need to do 3 things:

  • Purchase a Festival Pass for every adult, child, toddler or staff member wishing to attend;

  • Plan your camping option: free self-sufficient (just turn up with your tent) or book VIP camping (email

  • Decide on how to get there: self-drive (parking on arrival P20) or book your helicopter shuttle with Helicopter Horizons on (P895 one way)

  • The Community have respectfully requested that no vehicles cross onto the island in the interests of eliminating any damage to the floodplain. However, should you feel it absolutely necessary to take your vehicle across, you will need to purchase a VEHICLE PASS (which allows you one return journey to the island) for P500. The money goes straight to the community to cover any rehabilitation work on the floodplain that they may need to do after the event.